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Synergy Energy Resources

Synergy Energy Resources is a fully fledged Solutions Provider focused on the Energy Transition and Environmental Intelligence market sectors.  We provide energy solutions and business integration from concept, commercialisation and implementation of projects related to renewable energy generation, distribution, training, supply chain and associated services.
Synergy also has a long working relationship with Laconic Group and actively support business initiatives related to the ever growing demand for environmental intelligence and data governance. Laconic is a leading global provider of Environmental Intelligence, Synthetic Natural-Capital Monetization, and Regenerative Ecoculture services. Furthermore Laconic deliver bespoke policy outcomes to complex energy, social and environmental challenges to clients worldwide.


Environmental Intelligence

Data Products

Synergy through its relationship with Laconic, is leveraging their state-of-the-art Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response (SADAR™) environmental intelligence platform, unparalleled in-situ data gathering and validation capabilities, and world-class geo-spatial analysis teams, Laconic works directly at the apex of Sovereign Nations, SOEs, NGOs, and Multinational Corporations to jointly solve a newly emerging class of complex strategic problems lying at the intersection of the ecology, economy, and security domains.

Energy Transition


Many renewables technologies that were considered new and high-risk in the recent past are fast demonstrating their potential to become mainstream. With energy prices expected to remain volatile for the foreseeable future, energy leaders have an unprecedented window of opportunity to leverage technological innovation and explore investment in enabling sustainable, renewable growth.

Hydrogen’s role …

The energy sector is focused on decarbonising, our gas industry and hydrogen provides the solution, as when it combusts, or burns, the only by-product it emits is water. But, for hydrogen to be a viable alternative, we need to be able to produce it at scale and adapt our current infrastructure. Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biogas and renewable power like solar and wind. The challenge is harnessing hydrogen as a gas on a large scale to fuel our homes and businesses.


Net Zero Emissions

Carbon Credits

Synergy works with clients to limit and reduce carbon emissions below their “cap”. Carbon credits and offsets are measured in tonnes of CO2e, which can make it confusing because offsets and credits are not the same thing.

Regenerative Agriculture

Microbial Fertlizers

The key benefits of biofertilizers is their ability to aid soil health, unlike traditional bulk fertilizers which, although containing naturally found minerals such as phosphorus and nitrogen, may overload the soil’s eco-system, leading to a chemical imbalance and toxicity.

Food security … Dependency on synthetic fertilizers creates huge risk for countries. 


Synergy works with its clients to identify training needs and match these with suitable courses to developing professionals with the knowledge, skills and certification to address the growing opportunities in the global renewables, environmental and related data market sectors.


We believe in sustainable developments and that ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) criteria are vital for business survival while working towards an environmentally and socially healthier world.

For this reason Synergy collaborates with companies that share the same values focusing on projects meeting the ESG criteria widely recognised and established by country and industry leaders globally.


Net Zero Carbon Strategy

Asset Management

Working Groups