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Synergy Energy Resources

Synergy collaborates with clients to identify opportunities, develop strategies and implement initiatives, all geared to ensure desired objectives and quantifiable results are achieved
As a fully-fledged solutions provider, Synergy develops solutions and business integration from concept to commercialisation of projects related to production of hydrocarbons and renewable energy, storage, distribution, supply chain, commodities and associated services.
Synergy proactively supports business initiatives related to the ever-growing demand for Environmental Intelligence Data and Carbon Auditing.  
To this end, Synergy works very closely with a leading global provider of Environmental Intelligence, Synthetic Natural-Capital Monetization, Bio-Fertiliser, Regenerative EcoCulture Services and Carbon Credits. 


Environmental Intelligence

Environmental Data and Carbon Credits

Synergy works very closely with leading global providers of Environmental Intelligence, Synthetic Natural-Capital Monetization, Bio-Fertilisers, Regenerative EcoCulture Services and Carbon Credits. 

Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind and Wave Power

Many renewable technologies that were considered new and high-risk in the recent past such as solar, wind and wave-generated power are fast demonstrating their potential to become mainstream. With energy prices expected to remain volatile for the foreseeable future, energy leaders have an unprecedented window of opportunity to leverage technological innovation and explore investment in enabling sustainable, renewable growth.

Hydrogen …

The energy sector is focused on decarbonising, our gas industry and hydrogen provide the solution, as when it combusts, or burns, the only by-product it emits is water. But, for hydrogen to be a viable alternative, we need to be able to produce it at scale and adapt our current infrastructure. Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biogas and renewable power like solar and wind. The challenge is harnessing hydrogen as a gas on a large scale to fuel our homes and businesses.

Batter Energy Storage Systems …

The move towards renewable generation, and the focus on achieving net zero carbon, this presents a new challenge for storage of off-peak generated energy as well as distribution. Containerised Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are one solution to address this issue.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Transitioning to Electric Vehicles

As we transition to electric vehicles in many countries the biggest challenge is the current lack of infractstructure and access to convenient charging points.  

Our partners are taking to the streets to address this very issue.

Asset Integrity & Maintenance

Consolidation and Integration of Data is by far the toughest IT problem faced by the process industry today.

Oil Plus Ltd provides complete asset verification using a variety of data gathering techniques. The built-in integrity checks cover all phases of the asset life cycle from development through implementation, operation and training.

Process Design, Production Chemistry and Flow Assurance

Oil Plus Ltd, with a core business, focused on process design, production chemistry and flow assurance issues, our work in some 70 countries has provided major benefits in terms of increases in the volume of reinjected water and produced oil; improvements to oil quality, environmental discharge quality and operational safety; decreases in well work-over and pipe replacement frequency.

Leadership, Core Values and Innovation = Growth

Synergy creates opportunity and growth for businesses by addressing leadership, core values and innovation, while deploying business development, strategy and commercialisation initiatives.



Sustainable developments and ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) criteria are vital for business survival while working towards an environmentally and socially healthier world.

Synergy collaborates with companies that share the same values focusing on projects meeting the ESG criteria widely recognised and established by countries and industry leaders globally.



Regenerative Agriculture

Water Management

Net Zero Carbon Strategy

Artificial Intelligence

Working Groups