Synergy Energy Resources

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Learning & Development

We see organisations as dynamic and living systems where the most important of all elements are the people.

The wellbeing and competency of individuals are a great marker of the health and effectiveness of the organisation as a whole.  This is why, at Synergy, we look at people holistically.

1.0 Workplace Wellbeing

The effectiveness of individuals within an organisation depends on their personal state of wellbeing and that is where we start. Synergy provides a fully integrated service to bring strategy, systems, training and support to manage workplace wellbeing and mental health.  This approach means that more employees are firing on all cylinders more of the time, meaning that any training and development falls on the most fertile ground possible.

Wellbeing strategy is our core focus to ensure that robust systems are woven into your existing structure and management system.  We do not simply work on wellbeing “awareness” on its own.


  • Consultancy and advice on workplace wellbeing strategy – let us quote for you
  • Procedures and systems to drive workplace wellbeing– let us quote for you
  • Employee Wellbeing Management – Three day training course for Managers, HR and QHSE professionals – £875.00 per delegate

This course is designed for professionals in management and support functions to understand regulation, processes, measurement and management of workplace ill health.  This course has a particularly strong theme around managing mental health & stress in the workplace.  Professionals can understand the indicators and take meaningful action to improve the running of the business and gain the most from their employees.

  • Resilience – Three day training course which can be tailored to all employees – £875.00 per delegate

Have you ever wondered why some employees seem to be able to cope with  levels of stress others find intolerable?  Resilience is the answer.  Some people, through their life experiences display stronger resilient behaviours. These are behaviours which can be learned at any age.

This course is designed to lift the whole of the workplace into resilient behaviour.  Proven to reduce stress and help employees cope better in challenging environments to release their full potential.  Employees learn how to integrate the habits of resilience in their everyday behaviour.

2.0 Competency Mapping & Selection

We see competency as an interplay between positive mental health, skills, experience, aptitude and attitude.  Providing a combination of expertise, technology and innovation we aim to provide you with tools and guidance to enhance speed and flexibility when identifying the skill requirements throughout your organisational structure in real time.

We assist in selecting the correct people from the perspective of their personal attributes with our enviable battery of online psychological tests, and from the perspective of their skills with our integrated recruitment services, maximised, again be innovative technology.

(We are currently working on the portals for psychological tests – Please ask for information regarding this service – Contact

3.0 Onboarding

Allow us to manage full onboarding of large scale teams, from sales through to engineering & trades.  We will manage the process seamlessly from start to finish.  We never work in silos in within Synergy and there is no wall between our learning and development team and our recruitment team.  This depth of expertise and connection allows us to source, induct and integrate the right people within your organisation in terms of skill set, culture and attitude.

During this process and throughout the life span of projects we can collate data to the client’s specifications to allow future projects to be conducted more effectively.

Contact and ask how we may tailor our Onboard system for your project.

4.0 Ongoing Competency Management

4.1. Learning Management systems and databases

Synergy learning management systems are at the cutting edge. Designed to be dynamic, responsive and integrated. Clients may choose from a range of options:

  • Off the peg learning platform, with database to populate with their own training materials, run and managed via Synergy. This cost-effective option provides an intuitive and simple system for launching business and small projects
  • Full ownership and branding of a custom system consisting of learning materials, presented in a variety of formats. Full manipulation of data in real time allows the full landscape of competency within the organisation to be viewed.
  • Custom learning systems and campaigns designed by our instructional designers to fulfil specific acute learning needs.
  • The sourcing and delivery of training content on a variety of subjects including Team building, Leadership, Health & Safety, Induction training, Quality Management, Human Factors & Behavioural Safety. Technical training can also be uploaded with the input of the client.

Contact  We would be happy to tailor a solution to your needs.

4.1. Master Classes & CPD

We specialise in “Master class” training with industry leaders and highly experienced facilitators delivering face to face training on a wide range of subjects.  All courses combine self-directed learning, combined with in-the-room collaborative learning.

Master classes are designed to be either the first step into a new skill area or a step up into excellence.

  • Train the Trainer – 5 day accredited course @ £2250 per delegate
  • Business Development expertise – 5 day accredited course @ £2250 per delegate
  • Internal Corporate Communications for Advisers – 2 day accredited course @ £650.00 per delegate
  • We particularly enjoy enriching careers by layering supplementary skills into specialists portfolios, through our enriching CPD programmes. CPD timetable to follow

All of our programmes are designed to create Behavioural change rather than to tick a regulatory box and all follow the latest research in the psychology of learning.  We know and you should too, that old style instructional, power point training alone, either when delivered in a room by a facilitator or on-line is amongst one of the most wasteful investments a business can make.

This is why we blend formats of instruction in an innovative way relevant to our client’s specific needs and although we have industry experts to provide instruction we ensure that they can also impart their skills and knowledge in the most engaging way possible.